Hello, my name is Umur!

I am a vision holder and idealist, who is passionate about connecting, empowering and assisting people through designing and engineering innovative products. I am always dreaming about a better world, and I work passionately to achieve my goal of making people’s lives easier and happier.

For this purpose, I combined both my problem solving and creative sides in mechanical design field, and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Istanbul Technical University’s mechanical engineering department. After college, I worked for high-tech companies and innovated state-of-the-art products. Through this experience I realized that most high-technology products came from technology centric development. I believe that technology driven solutions are most valuable when they are designed for people. Therefore, I decided to learn human-centered design methodology to create meaningful and useful high-technology products that solve people's problems through design thinking process. To achieve my learning goals, I applied and was selected as a Fulbright Scholar and I am currently studying Engineering Design Innovation (M.S.) program at the Northwestern University to create what's next technological advancement for people.