Uber Freight


*Due to an NDA agreement the critical details of the project cannot be shared.


Personal Responsibilities

  • Lead Interviewer at three facility visit and at Uber Freight Headquarter
  • Quantitative data research
  • Creating persona, journey map and stakeholder map
  • Benchmarking existing solutions and trend watching on break-through technologies on problem space
  • Insight generation, frameworks, synthesis and opportunity mapping
  • Presentation preparation and narrative/visual storytelling


In our Design Sprint studio, we collaborated as design research and strategy consultancy for Uber Freight. After initial exploration in logistics industry and checking in with Uber Freight team, our team challenged to uncover deeper a problem that truck drivers are facing everyday.



My colleague and I started exploring the trucking and logistic space through secondary research. After getting initial knowledge, we visited Uber Freight (UF) Headquarter to interview UF employees to understand their paint points, and possible problem spaces to explore in the site visits. After that, we started to call and e-mail a lot of small and big facilities to set site visit and interview dates. Through this effort, we scheduled three initial site visits (including one in Wisconsin) and uncovered hidden problems through in-context interviews. We created journey map, stakeholder map and ecology map to understand the process better and highlight possible opportunity areas. In the middle of the project timeline, we presented our actionable, relevant and interesting selected top three insights and possible opportunity areas to Uber Freight employees and we requested to focus on one insight that they found most crucial. Therefore, on our last three weeks, we uncovered problem area deeper and create empathy with truck drivers about the problem. We also made secondary research to support our primary findings and also we communicated with truck drivers through social media, Reddit and other platforms. Before building opportunity areas, we synthesized all of our critical observation and insights through frameworks. We also explored break-through technologies that can be possible solutions and benchmarked existing solutions in logistics industry. Finally, we created narrative and visual story and created our presentation deck. 



We presented our critical insights, frameworks and opportunity areas at Uber Freight Headquarter to Uber Freight management and San Francisco Design Team through video conferencing at the end of the project. Our presentation took a lot of attention from management and our opportunity spaces will be investigated and possible solution ideas will be discussed internally between Uber Freight teams. 

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